Don’t Fight Over Low Hanging ‘Fruit’ For IT Lead Generation

istock_000007996437xsmall4 If you’re a computer services marketing firm then stop fighting over ‘low hanging fruit’! What do we mean by ‘low hanging fruit’?

We are talking about the sales opportunities that come easier to technology firms trying to sell managed services through IT lead generation, which we have referred to as ‘broken’ leads in past blogs.

Broken leads are companies that have reached the boiling point or threshold of pain, when they actually start talking to their friends about their pain points and thereby you might end up getting a referral.Or they might finally respond to one of your post cards that they have been throwing away in the File 13  for months and now it catches their eye, since it’s top of mind. Also, they could actually go online and start searching for computer consultants and click on your pay per click ad or organic search listing.

These are the exact same opportunities that every other computer business is trying to ‘pick’.  There aren’t that many of these types of technology sales leads out there in the first place because most businesses are willing to put up with lots of pain or feel that it’s better to deal with the Devil you know than the Devil you don’t know.

On top of that, every IT firm is reaching and fighting over these sales leads.  You often will find that 4 or 5 other computer businesses are bidding on these IT sales leads.  In addition, these types of leads are notorious for making you jump through hoops and then deciding not to do anything or not making any changes to their existing situations.

Stop fighting over the low hanging fruit!

Get a ladder and REACH to the top of the trees where there is no other competition and vastly more ‘apples’! Telemarketing is the ladder that lets you bypass the competition squabbling over the few ‘broken’, low hanging sales leads. With the right telemarketing firm that knows the managed services concepts with no learning curve —>MSP Telemarketing<—you can get right to the top of the technology sales leads, when you’re marketing for IT.  Of course you’re going to have to REACH for these leads.

What are the sales leads that are in the tops of the trees?  We call these leads ‘happy with what they have’.  Of course there is a range of happiness as we have discussed previously, but like all things they can range form 1 to 10.  A prospect that says they are happy, but is still willing to meet to consider your computer services marketing, can’t really be all that happy.  We like to say these companies  range between 1 to 3 on the scale of how happy they really are.

Why do we say that you have to REACH for these types of sales leads.  Well they are not as ready to talk about ‘pain points’ and you will have to go down to the well and draw up their pain points or at least focus on the superior services you offer to get them to realize they had pain they didn’t  ‘feel’ yet.  Some refer to this as ‘latent’ needs.  They are not Top of Mind, but are down deep and the right sales person, that is willing to REACH for them can pull them out of the prospect.  Just keep telling yourself, “Why did they set this meeting?”

MSP Telemarketing is an IT telemarketing, technology telemarketing and offers IT marketing services. We don’t mind getting out our ladder, on your behalf and climbing up the Tree and reaching for prospects that are ‘happy with what they have’ and converting them in to prospect for your sales people.

If your trying to improve your computer consultants marketing then keep us in mind as part of the marketing puzzle but don’t forget to improve your model by checking out our partners like, Kaseya, that can improve you IT automation or CharTec that can let you offer HaaS or Hardware as a Service.  If you want to offer the best of the breed for you help desk then you need to talk with Synergy…  they can also help you manage all of your vendors!  For training and better sales techniques then Robin Robin’s is your best shot and click this link to check out her technology marketing tool kit.

One of the computer businesses that we know is stretching out to reach to the top of the top of trees through telemarketing and having success is Binatech from Buffalo, NY.

Keep reaching for success!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!