Use A Help Desk Trial As A Marketing IT Trojan Horse!

Do you have a Trojan horse for selling IT?
Do you have a Trojan horse for selling IT?

Many thousands of years ago Odysseus is said in myths to have devised the stratagem that helped the Greeks defeat the Trojans after 10 years of war.  As legend has it, the Greek Heroes waited inside a Wooden Horse left on the beach.  The Trojans were deceived into taking this decoy inside their impregnable walls.  Once inside the walls the Heroes were able to open the cities gates and allow the Greek army inside Troy.

In your computer business marketing battle for more managed services clients, are you marshalling all of your resources and marketing wisdom, like you might if you were fighting  a real war? Or do you have a Trojan Horse in your arsenals that you can plant inside the gates of your computer services prospects?

A few years ago one of our clients was not having success closing some of the prospect that that we had lined up through our IT telemarketing. Many of them had gone through the whole proposal process but they hadn’t been able close any of them.  We proposed something like a Trojan Horse for our computer services marketing client.

We proposed that our computer consultant client break out their help desk services and offer it as a stand alone.  We convinced them to offer the help desk support on a 30 and 60 day evaluation period.  The stand alone help desk support was not seen as threatening to their existing technology services provider.  Also, it didn’t require that they open up their servers to our client.  However, it was a way that the basic concept of managed services could be demonstrated and the level of customer service that our client offered could be tested.

The result was that our client was able  get several of theses fence sitters from our IT sales leads / IT telemarketing to try out the help desk on an evaluation period and they ending up converting one to a full managed services offering.

In short, offering an unlimited help desk on a 60 day evaluation is the perfect Trojan Horse for marketing computer services. So consider adding your own help desk evaluation to the line up and using it in you follow up process.  However, you want to make sure that your help desk solution will blow the socks off the prospects, so it has to be better than top notch.

So to squeeze out the best results from your IT lead generation you need to offer a help desk only evaluation, but it has to be the best of breed!  If you haven’t heard of Synergy then you need to check them out,  Synergy. They offer a corp outsourced help desk for fortune 500 clients like Prudential.   You need the best because once you get your Trojan help desk evaluation behind enemy lines you need to make sure that it’s going to do the trick.

Telemarketing is very effective for generating IT sales leads but once the computer consultant has the IT Leads, then they need to have every thing setup when marketing for IT clients.  Having the best of breed help desk is just one of the consideration.  You need to have a great infrastructure partner for IT automation like Kaseya and a great innovator like CharTec for offering hardware-as-a -service.

So get set up to start offering your very own trial help desk evaluation and get ready to start opening the doors of  your prospect from the Inside, once your Trojan horse had be accepted inside the business!

About The Author:

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years’ experience in IT marketing for computer support providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!