Affinity Marketing Can Speed Up IT Lead Generation & Time To Close Sales

The Million Dollar question that most computer services marketingkeywith_000000679590xsmall2 providers are asking themselves is: “How can I get more IT sales leads and close more MSP deals faster.”  Well let”s answer that question by looking to a great success in a different industry.

MBNA America had a meteoric rise to success in the credit card business during the 90’s, due to Affinity Marketing!

I know because I was on their telemarketing team when they became so successful.

What is affinity marketing?  Basically it is when your business is able to call on another firms customer list that has synergy with your business and you’re able to tell these prospects that you have a partner relationship with their trusted vendor.  In MBNA’s model the organizations that they were able to get customer list from, were getting certain percentages from MBNA’s credit card sales.

The number one issue that computer services marketing firms have, is closing more business by establishing trust with a new business that doesn’t know you.  It is even more difficult if the prospect  has an existing IT computer services provider.  They have already established trust that you have to overcome, before you can get them to switch.

Affinity marketing can be the KEY to getting more leads and closing sales faster.

Affinity marketing can be silver bullet that answers the million dollar question.  Getting a list from another business that has synergy with your computer consultant marketing firm,  that you establish an partner relationship with, can allow you to get faster IT telemarketing leads.  Also, by establish ‘trust’ with unknown companies through affinity marketing you will be able to close managed services sales faster than ever before.

Recently MSP Telemarketing was able to set up two Partnering meetings for one of our customers that we are technology telemarketing for.  This is what has sparked this old idea and renewed our interest in this marketing strategy. I have personally seen how affinity marketing can succeed and exceed all your expectations.

We are announcing that MSP Telemarketing well now start offering another service were we target partnering partners with synergy and get a customer marketing list that we can call on behalf of your organization.  We will be establishing a new web page that will explain the pricing model etc…

Get excited, because this is going to be successful and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

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John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!