Should Computer Companies Confirm Their IT Sales Appointments?

Cancelled Stamp“Just cancel our IT appointment!” – If you’re calling to confirm your appointments the day of your technology marketing meeting, then you’re probably hearing those word more often.

When this happens the first thought that comes to your mind is that telemarketing must have set a bogus lead.

This could be false cause, let’s consider if we should confirm managed services leads or not and if so when. Should we jump to the conclusion that because you called to confirm an appointment the day of the meeting or the day before and the prospect cancels your meeting, that telemarketing set up a bad lead?

No. If a meeting is set with a prospect a week or two out and was a very well qualified lead when the telesales rep has asked all the right questions and gotten real interest from the prospect, they can still cancel their meetings.

Why? The closer you get to the day a meeting is supposed to take place then the more likely someone is going to cancel their technology meeting especially if they are called for a confirmation. No one likes to meet with salesperson and finding time to meet with someone you would prefer not to meet can be very difficult.

Even when someone has a interest in a product or services they often would prefer to skip the traditional face-to-face meetings and avoid the pressure. Add to this the incredibly busy lives most executives lead and then you realize it’s no wonder they cancel when asked if they still have time for a sales call.

It’s also a fact that if you showed up to a scheduled meeting, without confirming it at all, that you will have far less canceled meetings. However, you will have a few more no shows than before. The bottom line is that if an executive has arranged to meet with you on a certain date and has written in their calendar, then they normally will take the time to meet with you, if you showed up without calling to confirm.

Even when other things have come up and it turns out not to be the best day, they will usually make time. Now imagine that same executive with more meetings than he expected, work still piling up they didn’t plan on, and then they get a call to confirm a sales meeting? Of course they are going to cancel the meeting. People will usually take the path of least resistance when given the choice.

Are we to conclude that we should not confirm meeting at all? No, we at MSP telemarketing do call within a few minutes from when the telemarketer has set a meeting and confirm the qualify of the meeting. We have found that this weeds down on the bad leads and the no shows. Therefore by not calling the day of the marketing meeting that our clients have more of their computer consultants appointment hold and this lead to more closed managed services sales!

Please take our advice and your IT lead generation will go much smoother. Also when technology telemarketing appointment do cancel don’t automatically blame the telesales rep. Check out our partners: CharTec, Synergy, MSPU, E-Folder, Kaseya


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!