Protect Your Attitude When IT Telemarketing.

confident business manAttitude is everything or at least extremely important in all forms of marketing but when it comes to IT telemarketing it is critical.

Outbound telemarketing for computer consultants is very demanding and there are many pit falls that, if you’re not mentally prepared  for, could lead to failure for you IT lead generation.

The first issue that seems to always crop up for  technology telemarketing is the quality of the leads or list.  Telemarketing reps, when calling  through a list, may  find someone that has already spoken with someone form your  firm  before …  suddenly their attitude turns negative and all they can think about is that they are wasting their time calling a list that was already called.  They now believe that they have no chance of setting an appointment.  Of course if you believe it you will achieve it and if you believe you won’t set any appointments then that is exactly what will happen.

The reality is that no matter what list you have, they have all been called before by someone or one of your competitors.  So fretting over how new your list is would be  pointless and worse destructive for your positive attitude.

The key is to turn a negative into a positive! Take what you perceive  as a weakness and find a way to rationalize that into a strength.  For example, if you suddenly sour on your telemarketing list, because you think it’s been called before, then try to think about why having a list that has been called before could be a positive thing?  For starters, it a basic marketing tenant that you need at least 3 hits, where a prospect has ‘heard’ or ‘read’ about your company or offer three times, before they will act.  This means that if you’re calling a list where many of the prospects have been exposed to the company name your calling on behalf of  or have been exposed to the managed services concept then this has gotten you closer to the magic number 3 and is a POSITIVE not a NEGATIVE!

We will follow up this blog with some other common challenges that can test you positive attitude when IT Telemarketing as a computer consultant. Of Course you model need to be ship shape as well so check our CharTec for HaaS and Hardware as a Services.




John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!