Offer Print Managed Services And Get ROI From IT Marketing

The following is a Dramatization:
printer-controlsFrom research, I learned that twenty four percent of business related knowledge maintained by firms existed in paper files and 60 percent of computer consultant’s time was spent on handling paper records, constituting 40 percent of labor expenses.

My firm lay buried under reams of copies of financial reports, invoices, business records and other important documents, till I learned about Xerox’s managed print services.

Xerox’s expertise helped my business reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and streamline process. It evaluated my business work flow  and document process, employing dependable and effective technology to deliver enhanced productivity. It not only lowered my legal liability, but also enhanced the competitive advantage of my business, enhancing profit margins.

Xerox’s managed print services used a balanced deployment of multifunctional product systems and printers backed by usage based support agreement. It directed the right form of print output to right type of device, ensuring highest productivity with lowest ownership cost.

Xerox showed me how I could “right-size” multifunctional product systems and printer fleet for maximum efficiency. Thanks to Xerox, I saved 30 percent in-house printing cost for my computer consulting business. The key lied in developing a total print management strategy, which decreased operational costs and enhanced my productivity. Xerox offers complete print management services for your network’s document devices.

If you a computer consultants marketing then there are plenty of prospects out there that would have the same problems and reaction  as the Dramatization, so by partnering with Xerox you could  be adding a great offering to your managed services line up and make some recurring dollars!

Also if you looking to beef up your MSP offering to beat out the competition then also consider adding HaaS [Hardware as a Service] by Char Tec, Synergy, Connect Wise, E-Folder and beef up your marketing with MSPU.

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John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!