MSP’s Add E Folder For Better Computer Consultants Marketing.

Data Backup
Data Backup

The founder of a small IPO said, data preservation was crucial for his business. Their system had accumulated a large database of prospects and clients, records (customer, work related information), transactions, inventory control and warehouse over the years. Any sort of system crash and they would have had it.

To help you understand the seriousness of data loss, consider this: – A National Records and Archives administration study stated that only 43 % of business suffering from disaster recovers sufficiently to continue. What’s worse, over 93 % businesses that lose data center for ten days or more file for bankruptcy in a year.

Post Hurricane Katrina, They decided against taking any chances. They immediately applied for data protection from eFolder. The thought of hard disk crash, sudden loss of power or online onslaught from a malicious hacker was enough to unnerve him.

eFolder offered the safest, easiest and the most reliable way of protecting vital information. Its unique infrastructure and technology protected my system against data corruption. I could even choose my package, thanks to their competitive pricing, flexible billing options and volume discounts.

eFolder put their brand on local backup, online backup and email archiving solutions, which helped me a lot in offering additional services to my existing customers and use its valuable service to reap in new customers too. Six months into it, I feel safe and secure. Profits have escalated by 10 % ever since.

If you’re a computer consultant trying to boast your marketing then consider efolder as a way to improve you offering and as usual give more meat for your IT telemarketing, technology telemarketing, computer services marketing and IT lead generation to dangle in front of your computer consultants prospects.

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John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!