Effective Questions for IT Services Marketing

Asking questions is one of the most effective ways to prospect for new computer services clients.  In your IT telemarketing efforts, you should be training your salesmen or appointment setters to ask the prospects the right questions at the right time.  What are the right computer consultants marketing questions?istock_000005290011xsmall

The first Question that technology telemarketing should ask a decision maker is: “Could I have a moment of you time?”

By asking this question you are complimenting your prospect  by inferring that they are important because you know they are busy.  Asking this question will go against the instincts of most salespeople and marketers but if you follow this advice you will find that most decision makers will agree to give you an initial 30 seconds.

Furthermore, by asking this question you will have gotten your prospects attention and can be confident that they will be listening to your IT marketing elevator pitch.

Next you need to understand what IT situation your prospect currently has and how they are handling it.  For Example, do they have a full time IT employee or have they contracted with a computer consultant to managed their technology.  Also, you want to try to find out what type of backup service they have in place.  You can try to query how many computers they have on their network and how many servers.  If you don’t asked these question then you will not be able to offer a recommendation or ask for an appointment.  One time I actually had a prospect ask me when I tried a close prematurely, “How could you propose any thing if you don’t know what we have in place?”  Needless to say we lost that opportunity.

Once you get the technology questions out of the way, now you want  find out what they know about managed services.  You just have to ask, “Have you heard of managed services before?”  “If you have heard of managed services have you ever gotten a proposal?”  You don’t want to go into a big presentation and waste your prospect time if they already know what managed services is.  Then if they don’t know what it is you can go into a brief description but now you have aroused their curiosity.

One of the best questions that can set up a close latter on is, “When was the last time you reviewed your IT or compared services?”  If it has been a while you should be able to effectively make the case that since the market has gotten more competitive and the technology has improved that it might be wise to do a review.

These are just some of the Key question that you can use to probe and  find qualified prospects for your computer services marketing. If you start using these question then you will be more effective in your IT lead generation.

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John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!