Don’t Let Your IT Lead Generation End In The Graveyard

istock_000007223663xsmallIt’s been two months since you paid a telemarketing company to start generating IT leads for your computer services marketing campaign. You haven’t heard anything from them and not one appointment has been sent your way! Now you realize that you find your self in the IT telemarketing “Graveyard”.

Most managed services providers that have tried outsourcing IT lead generation have been burned and ended up in what we like to call the telemarketing graveyard. In most cases they have never gotten even one lead or appointment with a decision maker.

One company that we came in contact with had used a telemarketing firm for three months with out even one appointment being generated. After they contracted with MSP Telemarketing they had the 10 lead they had prepaid for within 3 weeks’ time. They have already gotten 2 sales and had more proposals in the pipeline. This is the power that b2b telemarketing for lead generation, or for any other purpose, can have.

Another firm that we found through our outbound telemarketing campaign for computer consultants had already paid for a technology telemarketing campaign; but also had not gotten any appointments. They ended up signing with MSP Telemarketing and got their leads and become happy customers for several years after wards, boasting a 25% close ratio during those years.

What we really mean when we say the ‘telemarketing graveyard’ is that once a computer services firm ends up there, the issue of telemarketing for then is ‘Dead’. Many times we have come in contact with managed services firms looking for IT lead generation, but after they see our pricing they have sticker shock and look around for a cheaper alternative. In one case, the computer consultant went with a generic telemarketing firm; they never got any leads and decided to bring it in-house. Needless to say the in-house telemarketing campaign also failed and now they believe that telemarketing is not an effective way of promoting their business.

There are many techniques that generic [not specializing in your vertical] telemarketing firms use to lure computer consultants into believing that this campaign will work even though the firm doesn’t specialize with MSP’s. Don’t fall for any of them!

Of Course we would like to prevent every company from ending up in the telemarketing graveyard but that will never happen.

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John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!