The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Automation Tool for IT Marketing!

472052_25203863When it comes to computer consultants solutions, ConnectWise professional service automation offers more benefits than traditional ERP Systems, but with a price that you won’t cringe from.

These solutions are specifically designed for human resource intensive; project based and service oriented entities.

The PSA (Professional Service Automation) software offered by ConnectWise supports nearly all processes in an IT solutions firm (including marketing and sales tracking), available either as hosted or premise based solution.

PSA software for business related issues:

Complete transparency and control is critical to the process of any service-based organization for remaining competitive and viable on a long term basis.  Many organizations have found they lose their productivity while operating with various disparate technology.  This means that any solution has to integrate, automate and streamline projects and service delivery, besides addressing the special needs of a vertical market, like the managed services space, including ticketing, billing, IT TelemarketingIT lead generation.  By applying a correct software solution, the value is measured through accelerated cash flow cycles, decreased costs and increased revenues.

Connect Wise PSA has been deeply involved in the managed services market (IT process management for a quarter century).  As they only serve in the High Tech Consultant industry, their development, research and energy is focused.  For prospective buyers, ConnectWise promises a payback on the initial investment within six months, after which every dollar spent, would bring four dollars back.

ConnectWise PSA can change a computer consultant’s life forever.  You can sleep peacefully, without having to think about any forgotten client request slipping through the cracks.  Your clients would remember the great services offered by you, which is what made them loyal to you in the first place.  You will also increase their trust in you when you become more proactive through ConnectWise.



John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!