Marketing For IT Can Boast When You Utilize Synergy’s Help Desk!

man-phone-headsetIn today’s ever-changing and complex high tech environments, Synergy delivers complete technology solutions “synergistic-ally”.  It includes diverse areas such as help desk, infrastructure management and on-site support.

In the present scenario, computer consultants require relationships with a whole host of IT solutions providers, each offering their own area of functionality in a specialized area. While this strategy helps in enabling superior solutions, it also enhances the risk of remaining extremely challenging for imagining when all these different relationships and applications operate in homogenous and single enviroment.

In such an environment, software and hardware operate not separate or discrete capabilities or appliances, but also in unison as a portion of the totally synergistic and integrated solutions.  Computer services marketing can finally rely on a single firm and also assure the targeted market knowledge, enterprise reliability and technical expertise that you require for achieving success in your business.

One technician that was attending the Managed Services Provider University Boot Camp stated to us that his tech guys were tired of talking with [trying to understand] and managing Zenith and that he liked that Synergy could take over managing Zenith or him and provide a stat-of-the-art help desk.  Essentially this tech saw that Synergy was capable of managing his vendors in much the same way that he would manage his clients vendors.  he told us that he saw real value in that!

Synergy’s help desk is by far the best feature tat is offered.  Their help desk becomes the ‘face’ of your company to you customers.  Clark said in his presentation at the Boot Camp that the employee pool in Buffalo, NY is unlike any other in the country, because customer services is in the DNA.  In Addition, when attendees would as if their help desk tech’s could support this or that application , the answer was always, “we basically support everything!”

A good optimized enterprise can be the firm’s secret marketing weapon against competition.  Just as in my our case, you too can connect with Synergy and gain the enterprise edge.  As we always say, any improvement in a computer consultants process will benefit your marketing effort.  IT telemarketing, Technology telemarketing, IT lead generation, IT sales leads and computer services marketing.

Synergy was just one of the exciting vendors on display an the Latest MSPU boot camp.  Make sure to check out the HaaS [Hardward as a Services] vendor CharTec and Managed Services Software firm Connect-wise.  As always a pillar of managed services was also attending the boot camp Kaseya.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!