IT Appointment Setting Often Misses The Target!

target-arrowsMany computer consultants miss their marketing target because they are aiming at the wrong target!  Specifically we are talking about IT appointment setting.  Managed services providers mainly at first blush believe they should be trying to reach prospects that are already having serious pain. We will discuss why this might be a mistake.

Keep in mind that most firms are not having a great deal of pain with their computer services.  Even if they were, most of the time they are willing to tolerate that pain because they are afraid of, ‘the devil they don’t know’ more than the ‘devil they know’.  The number of firms that are so unhappy with their computer consultant and are looking for another provider each month is a very low number and it’s not undergoing much growth.  The number remain pretty static.  Frankly computer services marketing can reach these prospects better with Internet marketing than IT telemarketing,.

However, most of the market is “happy with what they have” at any given point in time.  We believe the number is as high as 95%!  So why should computer consultants be targeting companies that are  ‘happy with with what they have’ for IT lead generation instead of firms that are having ‘pain’?  Remember that just because a business doesn’t have active needs. doesn’t mean they may not have latent needs.  We believe that about 30% of the prospects that say they are happy with their computer services actually do have some latent needs.

The best use of telemarketing for Technology consultants would be to target the larger part of the market.  Target prospect that don’t  have active needs; but are willing to meet to compare your services.  To better illustrate, one of our clients took a meeting with a firm that said they didn’t have any problems but the prospect was interested in meeting to compare.  Later in our follow up on the originally meeting the prospect let it slip that they had billing issues with their current computer consultant. So they basically lied when they told our telemarketer that they didn’t have any problems!  Keep in mind that buyers are liars.

So, by all means target broken companies that have active needs and are searching with Internet marketing; but clients that have latent needs are not searching and can really only be reached with an outbound IT telemarketing campaign.  If you’re trying to choose between the two you might start with the Internet marketing, but keep in mind that the latent needs market is the best way to grow with less competition on every lead generated.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!