New Data Backup Gives VAR’s An Edge In IT Lead Generation!

more salesFrom my experience of data loss and recovery, irrespective of whether it is a system failure, catastrophic disaster or virus, data is always at high risk.

Cornerstone has finally offered a better option  to the BDR backup system.  This offering will give computer consultants a better shot at reaching more prospects though their marketing.

Bottom line, Cornerstone’s technology is a hardware solutions that can backup both Windows Servers and Linux Servers!

Cornerstone’s impeccable off site data backup works by fist encrypting the data and thereafter compressing it and transmitting it to the off site security center.  This could then be accessed easily during an emergency using either the data restore line or the Internet.

Cornerstone has also offered several additional features, which include central management for multiple data locations, over-the-phone support and account management.

I observed the following advantages when I stored my data off-site, including:-

  • Additional IT security of data-encrypted network connections
  • Cross-platform technology, which means that backup, could be performed irrespective of the operating system that is used.
  • Automatic performance of backup operations – which leaves additional time for productive tasks.
  • Data gets protected during disasters.
  • Fast Restore: files get restored in minutes
  • Simplified Management

The data network that Cornerstone offers is secure, trouble-free and completely automated.  Besides, Cornerstone has a simple rate plan which is PC friendly and economical too.

Keep in mind that if you’re offering the Cornerstone backup system in your telemarketing efforts that you will have to throw fewer leads back; because they have the wrong operating system on the server, Linux.  Your IT lead generation is going to go a lot smoother when you offer a back up system that has cross-platform technology!

If you’re a computer services consultant that offers managed services and you would like more information on this data backup offering, contact 866.553.8703 or visit


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!