New HaaS Offering Can Boost IT Telemarketing Success for MSPs!

workstation-pcHardware always plays the ‘missing piece’ role when it comes to the puzzle of managed services but Not anymore!

The new HaaS (Hardware as a Service) program from CharTec will help with the transition of your computer consultant marketing efforts to the next part of the annuity related profitability as a provider of managed services.

HaaS has the following to offer to computer services marketing and computer consultant marketing people:

  • Converting the capital expenses to the operating expenses, offering substantial advantages in terms of tax.
  • Offering a single point contact for major issues related to warranty support.
  • Reducing overall cost by enhancing the productivity of customers.

After a computer consultant is registered with CharTec as a value added reseller, they will be offered the resources and tools to solve their client’s business based problems with new and enhanced IT management solutions.  The benefits include software assurance, help desk, technology warranty services and hardware – all this and more with just a flat monthly payment.  That’s it.

And the most beneficial part of all is that Char Tec will benefit your clients too.  Now, you can provide more than one solution to meet your client’s requirements and also ease the recurring frustration of capital expenditures.  Let me elaborate the benefits:

  • Your clients would receive a flat monthly fee structure that would permit a predictable budget.
  • Offers a single point of contact for vendor management.
  • Offers the requisite support to speed up the success.
  • Transitions to the next level of profitability based on annuity.

With so many benefits, what we would like to say is, “Don’t miss this opportunity.”  This Haas offer will allow you to stand out from the ‘heard’ of black and white Zebras and be a rainbow colored Zebra.  This means that when you have a ‘better mouse trap’ to offer you can turn your technology telemarketing, IT telemarketing and any computer consultant marketing you do lose.  You will give them plenty of ammunition with this offer.

Proper implementation of this program would ensure that you enhance your annuity earnings twelve-fold.  For more details please visit HaaS.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!