MSPU Boot Camp Can Revamp your Marketing For IT!

Business conferenceWe just got back from the Managed Services Provider University Boot Camp in Santa Ana, CA and we at MSP Telemarketing were blown away by all the benefits that it offers computer consultants that are looking to perfect their sales and marketing.

On top of the excellent sales training, the boot camp attendees also had the opportunity to meet new and exciting vendors [like CharTec ] that can help them improve their model and become more competitive in the managed services space and create more ‘sticky’ clients!

In fact “sticky’ clients seemed to be the watch word for the Boot Camp with several vendors like Synergy and CharTec explaining why their services for computer consultants can help them make more sales; but also make it harder for their clients to leave.

We heard several attendees comment that the overall program was very balanced in terms of the FREE helpful information that MSPU provided vs. the ‘pitches’ from vendors.  We did notice that plenty of computer services providers were signing up with many of the vendors. Therefore, it looks like the vendors that MSPU are finding and bringing to the table are valuable resources!

With computer consultants marketing heating up and getting more competitive every technology provider needs to focus on standing out from the crowd.  This can help make your IT lead generation more successful.  If you are considering IT Telemarketing  then you really will want to sharpen up your sales presentation with some tips from the boot camp.

The highlight of the boot camp was the competition between the Salesmen and the CEO.  After each group were trained separately, MSPU then took the best salesman and pitched them against the best CEO for presenting skills.   There were also some fantastic prizes given away and good times and smiles on everyone’s faces.

The next boot camp  is in Dallas in October, so visit MSPU’s site and check out all the details and hopefully we will see you there.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!