Kaseya Improves Services Processes and IT Marketing!

logokaseyaAs an IT automation framework, Kaseya permits IT computer services consultants to proactively maintain, manage and monitor distributed technology infrastructures efficiently, easily and remotely with a single integrated web related platform.

By offering computer consultants an integrated and complete view of environments from the centralized web related management console, the IT automation framework of Kaseya streamlines a scalable and consistent process of managed services. By remotely managing the process and automating the important administrative duties, the high tech systems administrators can enhance the performance of systems and availability and also implement some of the best practiced IT processes, while needing little expertise or investment.

IT Automation

The department edition of Kaseya is an ultimate application to manage the entire infrastructure of computing. With maximum flexibility and scalability, IT organizations get the power to automate the IT administration to enhance productivity of the organization and staff as a whole. From the innovative features such as patch management and asset management to remote monitoring, Kaseya helps enable organizations to improve systems performance and automate day to day tasks.

By managing IT environments as one, IT professionals can save valuable time to spend on projects that are more productive, eliminate the need to repeat mundane administrative duties for each client, update software and deploy security patches and check for network vulnerabilities.

Even more important than the efficiency gained by implementing Kaseya, computer consultants can gain a marketing advantage by improving their process and model. As we at MSP Telemarketing preach all the time, there is little difference between process and marketing. Sales and marketing is simply telling the world what advantages you have to offer. If you’re going with an IT Telemarketing, IT lead generation, technology telemarketing or a telesales campaign then each step you take toward improving your model can translate to marketing, instantly.

After checking out Kaseya then also look at HaaS by Char Tec, Manged Services Software by ConnectWise, Synergy and MSPU.  MSPU is a marketing training firm that can help you better enhance the marketing of your new process implementations.

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John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!