Computer Consultant Add Value With New CCTV App for Iphone!

iphone-ira-c3If you’re a computer consultant that is new to the iRa C3 offered by Snap Security, well, it is a remote surveillance control and viewing system that puts the power of direct camera pan-tilt-zoom control and multiple live video feeds at your palms on iPod touch and iPhone.   If you’re a computer services consultant that is interested in adding to your marketing offer, then visit this link for more information

We will elaborate on it in brief if you are new to it’s features.  iRa’s intuitive interface allows you to access numerous video feeds over Wi-Fi.  The capabilities to physically move cameras, view videos full screen and then zoom with a single touch from the iPhone or iPod Touch seamlessly works together for creating the situational awareness.

Checked from a pool of over 40 other applications, this technology earned the award of the “coolest iPhone App” award in California’s San Francisco in August and has, since then, continued generating buzz amidst the worldwide IT community. Needless to mention, iRa is an extremely valuable add-on to any sort of a managed services marketing offer.

It brings security out of the back room that has become full of camera monitors, creating a higher security presence in the main areas while still permitting them to quickly respond to threats and view cameras.  iRa is a big fit for organizations having more than on facility which requires covering a huge amount of square footage and where keeping more than on security guard mobile is extremely important.

The instances of facilities which fit the best are – government labs, power plants, museums, parking garages, parking lots and shopping malls.  Also any small business owner that would like to be mobile while still keeping an ‘eye’ on their business would also be a naturally fit. With the competition in the managed services space heating up, every IT consultant should be looking for any opportunity to expand their value by offering more services.  Doing this will positively impact your lead generation.

If you’re trying to penetrate the market with an outbound telemarketing campaign, then signing up with snap security should be a ‘no-brainer’!  Anything your telesales agents can stress on the phone with suspects that can then get them excited about your offering will naturally help your generation of IT leads.