SPECIAL: Reduced Setup Fees For IT Telemarketing Services!

MSP Telemarketing is always preaching to computer consultants that they need to be more flexible in their marketing and terms.  Some managed services providers have stiff setup fees and even require large investments in additional technology before they will take on a new client.  Also, they often require long term commitments from their clients as well.

Therefore, we have taken our own advice and now have lowered our setup fee to get a telemarketing campaign going from $1500 to only $900.00 and we have lowered the min number of leads that you must prepay from 10 in advance to only 5 in advance.

Now the total out of pocket investment to get a technology telemarketing campaign started with msp telemarketing is $2550.00 which covers your setup fee to get a list and get you 5 managed services appointments.

Now that we have taken our own advice, we can get back up on our soap box and start preaching to managed services marketing firms that they have to be way more flexible when it comes to attracting new clients.

We believe telemarketing is the best avenue for IT lead generation and to eventual land more sales for your computer consultant firm.

However, if we have often commented that even when you have a better model to offer clients there is still a lot of momentum for staying with their existing provider, just because they are familiar with them and vice versus.  So if you have lots of barriers in the way of prospects to get over, then you’re going to have a much lower ROI.