How To Smoothly Hand Off IT Leads!

The process of handing off a technology telemarketing appointment to a computer consultant needs to be smooth and harmonious.  Many times if the message that the telemarketer leads with on the phone is not pick up by the salesman on the first marketing call; then IT lead generation might not get the ROI your were counting on.

In most cases the managed services salesman wants to begin his presentation by addressing the client’s problems and pains points.  However, this is usually not what the telemarketer discussed with the prospect.  When the telemarketer talks about one thing and the salesman talks about another, this can cause confusion in the prospect’s mind and lead them to the impression that your computer consultants marketing effort is disjointed.

It telemarketing is a process where you try to get a prospect to see that there might be something better for them, if they would just keep their options open.  Generally they reassure the prospect by saying that they know they are happy with their current method for maintaining their technology.  This is just an attempt to get the prospect to lower their guard and open up to looking at your computer services marketing proposal.

However,  if the salesman shows up on the Lead that the technology telemarketing firm set and starts going over pain points, then this could even offend the prospect, who never agreed they had any pain to begin with.

So in order to have a smooth hand-off from telemarketing to the salesman make sure that the sales rep reassures the prospect that they know the prospect  has something in place that is working; but that they are willing to look at what we offered to see if it may be better!

If you try this approach you will have less friction from on the appointment  you get from IT lead generation.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!