Got Documentation For Your IT Marketing Services

diagram Computer Consultant Marketing Tips

Here we go with some more helpful tips on improving your managed services marketing presentation.  The goal is to penetrate the shield prospects often put up during the sales meeting, that this is just informational and they’re really not going to change anything.

You want to get them actively thinking about how much better your service really will be.  One area you can exploit, which is a common area of weakness, is the LACK of documentation on most computer networks.

One rep we know has a huge book that’s a sample documentation of a generic network.  It’s the size of an encyclopedia and when he gets to this part in his presentation he throws it down in a dramatic way on the desk.  His simple Question, “Do you have one of these?”


How could you really make serious selling points with a sample documentation book?

First, why don’t they have one?  Whether they have a computer consultant or an in-house IT manager, the point to hammer home is that if they were to lose this person through turnover, termination or just getting hit by a bus they would be dead in the water with out passwords, settings, and just not knowing where everything is and why.  The transition process would be very difficult and their guy knows this and it adds to their JOB SECURITY i.e. they are being held hostage.

Once you have planted this seed of doubt you just need to highlight the fact that documentation is part of the managed services marketing offering that you’re proposing.  The rep we mentioned at the outset has a slid show that goes over every part of their documentation.

Don’t fail to overlook this strategy in your computer consultant marketing effort!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.