Who Is The Right Person To Meet When Marketing IT Services!

410648_7870 “Who is the right person to set a face-to-face meeting with for a managed services proposal?”

When it comes to telemarketing Managed Services, then the first thing that would qualify a telemarketing appointment would be that it was set with the right person. That begs the question, “Who is the right person to meet with at a company?”

The answers is, it depends on the company, the industry and their policies. Generally you don’t want to meet with Office Managers but if your appointment is with a Law Firm or a Medical Clinic then usually those are the ones that really do have the power to review their IT consultant relationships. You will almost never get an introductory meeting with a Lawyer or Doctor unless it a very small practice. In fact you may find it hard to get an introduction to them period, because of other services specially tailored for their needs. For example, small law firms would go to a service like Elite Lawyer Management for any computer business marketing needs.

Generally Speaking, however, the desirable contact for a introductory meeting would be the CFO, Controller, Operations Mgr. If the firm has an in-house IT department then you might need to meet with the CIO, IT Directory or IT Manager. First every effort should be made to make sure the Financial officer knows the introductory meeting is largely regarding the cost benefit analysis. If the company Policy is that the IT person first reviews any thing that impacts his/her budget and the CFO says that he/she usually goes with their recommendations then meeting with the IT contact might be your only opportunity and can still be a good opportunity.

It’s important to set guidelines as to who you want to meet with but in the end make sure you have a degree of flexibility built in and that you’re chasing opportunities and not titles!

Sometimes you might end up meeting with person that has an unusual title like HR MGR or Office Mgr at firms where it doesn’t seem to make since. Keep in mind some times these turn out to have more control that their title lets on for some other reason. They could be the spouse of the Owner or a close relative that had been intrusted with decision making power even though the title doesn’t seem to convey that.

One common mistake that computer services marketing firms make is demanding that every appointment be set with a “decision maker”. Then asking their prospects if they are the decision maker and expecting a yes or no answer from them. First even if the person is the final decision maker, most business owners shrewdly leave someone Else as the final decision maker in an effort to dodge being put on the spot to make a final decision right then. The old, “Let me check with my partner, spouse etc.. first then I will get back with you.” Furthermore most successful owners have achieved their success by delegating and putting responsibility in the hands of their managers. There is a fine line between legitimately being referred to a lower officer and being brushed off and sent on a wild goose chase. The best thing is to have agents who have good judgment to navigate through this maze with your best interest in mind and not simply to just “set a meeting”. In most cases the Ultimate decision maker is not the President or CFO etc.. but it’s the Board and you can bet that you will not get a chance to set down in front of the Board.

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It’s important to set guidelines as to who you want to meet with but in the end make sure you have a degree of flexibility built in and that you’re chasing opportunities and not titles!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales