“Love and Hate Technology Telemarketing.”

phone2 So you’re thinking of technology telemarketing  for your managed services offerings as part of your overall marketing effort; but you personally hate to get telemarketing calls and avoid telemarketers like the plague.  You might be asking yourself if you would be doing something hypocritical, or you might be thinking that since you don’t personally respond to telemarketing offers that it just might not be an effective marketing strategy.

“We don’t mind taking telemarketing calls because we also use telemarketing in our Business.”

The problem with this line is thinking is that it falls in the category of what a psychologist might call ‘projecting’.  In essence thinking the rest of the world is just like you.  Fortunately we live in a very diverse world where peoples interest and opinions range all over the place.  One example of this is a comment one of our reps received from a prospect, “We don’t mind taking telemarketing call because we also use telemarketing in our Business.” The rep was referred to the CFO and we ended up securing the appointment for our client.

Granted in general most people don’t like technology telemarketing and won’t be as open minded as the comment we received.  However, consider that most people don’t like telemarketing calls or really any marketing on things they are not interested in; whereas when it turns out that they do have an interest in what your pitching then they have a better attitude.

The bottom line is that IT Telemarketing works as long as you have competent telemarketing reps making your outbound calls.  Telemarketing should be a key aspect in your over all computer services marketing strategy for getting technology sales leads!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales