Don’t Make A Costly Mistake With Print Advertising for Technology Sales Leads!


In a recent call with a prospect, that was interested our IT Telemarketing and IT lead generation services, I was asked if we would be sending out post cards. I was surprised by this question, but have since realized that some of our competitors are offering this service. So the question for this blog is, should post cards be used in concert with an out bound phone marketing campaign?

Of course post cards in general are a decent marketing strategy. Hopefully everyone knows that most of the post cards are thrown away by the receptionist. Yet a very small number do reach their target. Naturally , depending on what the mailing cost and how many prospect respond, it could be a viable way getting technology sales leads.

Should, however, this post card marketing be done in conjunction with an out bound managed services marketing campaign. It would be important to remember that anonymity is the best thing a telemarketing agent can have on their side. One of the foremost strategies technology telemarketers use is keeping the phone screener in the dark about, “What’s this call concerning”.

If the phone screener has just thrown away a post card with your company’s name on it and info showing your a computer consultant marketing company then he/she doesn’t even need to ask our rep what the call is about. They will be asked not to called again or flagged to be forwarded to voice mail forever.
Therefore, while we encourage computer consultants to consider sending post cards in their managed services marketing strategy. We don’t recommend doing so simultaneously with your out-bound managed services telemarketing roll-out.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales