You Must ‘Court’ Your IT Telemarketing Prospect!

edward_abney_courting It’s been said that a good salesman has sex magnetism. I believe it was in, “Think and Grow Rich”. The point we want to address here, that can benefit your computer services marketing sales presentation, is that you should think about client acquisition more like courting a woman.

When you have the woman of your dreams in your sights, you go all out to beat out any other suitors. You dress nice, buy them flowers and gifts. You try to show your best side and make them feel special and wanted.

One of the most common objections we get when trying to set an appointment is that they like their consultant. Our response is that they may like us even more. How could they like you even more than a consultant they already know. Well you can start by bringing something to the party! If its a morning meeting you can bring donuts or a gift card, donation to their favorite charity. Gary from MSPU related a story where a salesman had taken him out to lunch for almost a year and then one of his contractors dropped the ball and he felt obligated to give this salesman a shot.

Of course that salesman was ‘courting’ Gary. Clearly this computer services marketing strategy works but it takes faith and not a short sided view. Get creative and find some techniques that you feel comfortable with and incorporate them in your managed services marketing ‘tool box’.

Of course this same principle applies to your IT telemarketing sales people when their Marketing for IT.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales