Stop chasing downtime!

shell_game2Imagine you’re in the middle of a sales call presenting your managed services offering and as you begin going through your ROI calculator you suddenly hit a brick wall.

You’re trying to track down their down time and the cost to maintain their network; but you can’t turn up anything except minimal cost!

“Ever felt like you were playing a ‘shell game’ and your prospect is hiding their true Information Technology support cost?”

If a client has called you or responded to a pay per click add, then maybe tracking down the downtime etc… to show a saving is a good idea.  However, if you have prospected them through a telemarketing call then you might consider trying a different approach.

In most cases a typical telemarketing prospect wasn’t ‘unhappy’ with their existing services; but rather was looking for a comparison.  So it might be better not to beat up on their existing system and simply try to focus on comparison.  We brought out in a previous post the idea of doing a point-by-point comparison and getting ‘buy in’ from the prospect on each point -would what your offering would be superior.

We realized that many computer consultants might not understand what we were talking about so we decided to post this blog and list some details that would aid you  in coming up with your own point-by-point presentation.  Many of the points below involve understanding who the IT liaison is because that is usually where the hidden cost lies.

  • Who is the IT Liaison and how involved are they in IT!
  • Do they enjoy performing the extra services?
  • Did they realize your offer would eliminate then need for those task?
  • Do they agree Preventative Measures will help reduce down time?
  • After explaining the tasks you will perform, ask if their current system does this and verify who it is that does it all – probably it’s the IT Liaison!
  • Make sure that if your services will take additional steps in Preventing downtime that the Prospect realizes this.
  • Does the response time for Help desk calls matter – Is your response time for help desk call faster, do you have more techs, would the quality of the calls be better as in the case of remote control ability or higher trained tech.
  • Do they believe that there would be more demand for your help desk if there wasn’t a per hour charge for each call.
  • If yes nail the point that your proposal will entail more support and thus a better value!

You will find that when the cost is hard to track down; in most cases the IT liaison is the one picking up the extra work load and it’s not being factored in you ROI calculator. It’s not entirely important that it be factored in but rather that the IT Liaison realize that your proposal well directly make their job easier!

Adam Smith believed the ‘invisible hand’ of self interest is what regulated capitalism and it would be so in this case as well.  When your contact realizes that you are taking away a significant work load from them; then them well be motivated and start helping you justify the cost benefit.

Don’t forget that the 300 pound Gorilla  in the room is their fear of a ‘learning curve’ if they switch to your services.  Once you have gotten them to realize your proposal offers a better value for them  then you need to bring up the “learning curve’.  Explain to them that you would like to go over what your transition would look like and explain in great detail.  If you have systems that you are currently supporting that are similar and in the same industry, never fail to mention this.

In the end, ask if they feel there would be more value with your proposal and if the transition, should they decide to switch, would present a problem?


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales