Marketing Presentation Tips

Imagine you’re just sitting down in front of a prospect at your prearranged appointment, and you hear those dreaded words, “We’re happy with our current consultant.”

It’s happened before and it’s likely going to happen again, but as we have addressed in previous blogs; it’s not always a bad thing when you’re prepared for it.  Keep the following points in mind:


  • Disarm them by agreeing with them
  • Make a distinction between comparing services abstractly and making a change
  • Build agreement point by point that your managed services offering is better in ‘theory’
  • Once they are in agreement in ‘theory’ that your offering is superior then circle back to the issue of making a change.
  • Help them to visualize what a transition would realistically look like to deflate their ‘fear’
  • Make them a ‘NO RISK’ offer – money back offer!
  • Close – you agree our offer is superior and wouldn’t have a “learning curve”, and presents no risk
  • Give them a reason to sign today and no reason not to i.e. they have 30 day out, money back

Keep these points in mind on the prospecting calls.  Stay positive and remember that hundreds of prospects hung up on our telemarketers and swore they would never change or even consider making a transition in Information Technology.  The prospect in front of you was the rare diamond in the rough that has actually agreed to sit down with you and check out your managed services marketing information.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales