Using Incentives To Set Technology Sales Leads.

Should you use incentives when attempting to set technology telemarketing appointments?

Common logic and many computer servicesmarketing consultants would say that offering an incentive to a telephone prospect would water down the lead or incite people who have no real interest in managed services into an appointment just to get that incentive and in the process totally waste the sales reps time.

While that is possible and has certainly happened before should this be a  real concern when you’re deciding if your firm should offer an incentive to get the volume of IT telemarketing appointment up.  In short, no.  However, lets examine some of the reason why it’s not a waste of money or time to offer incentives.

Incentives for Setting Technology Sales Leads

We must consider who it is that we are offering incentives to and what type of incentives that we are offering before we can really weigh all the options.  Primarily, managed services marketing consultants are targeting the financial officers like the CFO, Controller, VP of Finance etc…  Generally speaking these are well paid executives who are very guarded about their time and not impressed with most incentives.  In fact we find that when we are offering an incentive like a $25 – $50 visa gift card that we almost have to sell this and overcome offending the prospect to get them to accept this.

Frankly a officer of a company is not going to decide to take a meeting that they feel would be a total waste of time for $25 or $50 dollars or even for a meal, drawing for game tickets etc….  So why offer them if they’re so hard to give away?

You have to understand the reason for using incentives and how to position them in the prospect’s mind.  First you must realize that you don’t simply call a prospect and say, “hey were giving away x incentive, can we meet on such and such of date“.  Instead you have to approach the telemarketing call with the traditional approach; but you hold out the incentive for a closing tool – when the prospect has agreed he does have an interest in managed services – but is not sure about a face-to-face meeting or is not exactly sure when they would set a face-to-face meeting.  This is the time to use an incentive program to ‘push’ a prospect that is teetering on the edge of saying ‘Yes’ so you can turn these type of calls into an IT Leads.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.