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MSP Marketing Must Be Seen as an Article Writing Arms Race!

Friday, July 14th, 2017

MSP MarketingDon’t Just Win the Battle, Win the War

MSP marketing is a kind of war. It’s definitely a contest between other marketing agencies, but to a lesser extent, you’re also striving against customer objections. You want to anticipate your opponent and know them. You must know both your competition and the clients you’re catering to. In a very real sense, you’ve got to look at it kind of like a battle, or at the very least, an arms race. It’s the cold war and you’re looking to acquire marketing nukes such that your competition can’t blow your MSP out of the waters. (more…)

Have you looked at MSP Business Core Values like the Founding Fathers?

Monday, July 10th, 2017

MSP businessRecently I had a chance to visit Philadelphia for the release of my upcoming book and had the opportunity to tour Independence Hall. It was inspiring to see the original location where the founding fathers signed the constitution. It just so happened that I was reading a book about implementing core values at the time. As the park ranger spoke about the events that lead to the signing of the Constitution, it dawned on me that this famous document was nothing more than the core values of the country; but how could this impact the operation of an MSP Business?

These core values didn’t just live on the page but instead resonated throughout the country and transformed the United States into one of the greatest countries in the world, with more freedom and economic opportunities than anywhere in the world. How could a bunch of words written, so long ago still have such a huge impact on the American people? Could an MSP Business learn a valuable lesson on how to implement their core values to have an impact like the constitution from the answer to that question? (more…)

You Can Overcome the Objection That Your MSP Business Isn’t Local!

Monday, May 8th, 2017

MSP BusinessTo Be Local or Not To Be Local? That’s An IT Question!

It’s generally understood that an MSP business will have more clients when said clients are sourced locally. For the most part, this is true, but at the same time, many MSP owners end up branching out beyond their locality for a variety of reasons, chief among them other MSP offices who become competitive. When another office opens up or there’s already an established MSP solution “on the block,” as it were, it becomes necessary to branch out beyond traditional ranges. Here’s the thing: this doesn’t doom you to losing any marketing battles. (more…)

Are You Letting Your IT Services Marketing Competitors Psyche You Out?

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

IT Services MarketingEmotional Decisions Cloud Judgement

IT services marketing is competitive; there’s no doubt about that. Here’s the thing: right now, there isn’t a national solution for businesses when it comes to IT services. The marketing field of play is wide open and there are new rules of conduct changing the game. Cloud computing has ushered in big data. Smartphones and the Internet are putting wireless Internet connection perpetually in the hands of clients. All these things are going to change the way services are purchased and sold. This means that even established solutions could face a complete restructuring of services. (more…)