Guest Blogger: Ron Vaughn

ron-vaughnRon Vaughn is the Solutions Specialist of EMSCO Solutions, Inc. that has been providing IT Support in Oklahoma City since 1993. EMSCO Solutions helps businesses develop a customized road-map on the best ways to utilize technology for their benefit, transforming technology from a necessary evil into a strategic asset.

Ron has been selling Backup Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions for the last 9 years.

Recent Articles:

IT marketing | July 28, 2016

CIO Meetings Can Inoculate Your IT Clients From Marketing Competitors!

Nova IT support

Normally, MSPs use CIO (chief information officer) meetings as an opportunity to up sell. Some meetings waste time and money with no real important agenda, other than to create the appearance of company unity. Many MSPs, however, are missing a golden opportunity to use these opportunities to inoculate their clients from competitors.

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