Guest Blogger: Johannes Beekman

beekmanJohannes Beekman is Digital Editor and Partner at MSP SEO Factory providing MSP Marketing Support. He has five years of experience in technical digital marketing, website design, SEO, content marketing and PPC. He also has ten years of experience in sales and marketing in the semiconductor industry. Johannes organized and managed symposium and has international work experience in Europe and Asia. Wharton MBA 2008.

  • Pioneer of two startup companies with Philips Electronics, built two departments with 30 staff members each from concept to full operation
  • Excels in analyzing technology and market trends: created and managed new equipment improvement programs, created break-through marketing programs
  • Extensive international work experience in Europe and Asia
  • MS in Physics, Wharton MBA 2008
  • Senior Manager at Sematech

Recent Articles:

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Looking at Top Ranked Computer Business Marketing Websites Is Like Star Gazing!

computer business marketing

When you think about computer business marketing, there is a good chance the stars in the sky don’t come to mind. However, if you think about it, these two things definitely have something in common. The light produced by the stars we see in the sky took millions of years to reach us and be […]

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You Will Kiss a Lot of Frogs If Telemarketing Is Your MSP Marketing Strategy!

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Creating an effective MSP marketing strategy may seem like an impossible challenge. However, with a bit of information, you will find that locating and nurturing leads doesn’t have to be an impossible task. The first step is to learn why Internet marketing is a much better strategy to pursue than traditional telemarketing.

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IT sales leads | July 16, 2016

Webinar: How to Generate Guest Blogging Opportunities!

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One of the most powerful tools in the internet marketing toolkit is guest blogging.  This is when you are listed as a contributor on a very highly ranked website that is also extremely relevant to the IT industry.  You are officially a guest blogger when one of your articles get posted on one of these […]

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What Is the Secret Ingredient to a Successful MSP Internet Marketing Recipe?

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Everyone in MSP marketing wants to know the secret to success. There’s no business that doesn’t benefit from strong SEO and search engine marketing, due to the fact that these things are so strongly ingrained into our society now. Even if you’re successful without a powerful marketing strategy, you’re still missing out if you aren’t […]

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IT marketing | June 8, 2016

Keyword Optimization Alone Is Going Extinct for IT Marketing

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IT marketing changes constantly, thanks to ruthless search engine algorithms and shifting trends in business and technology. Any respectable expert knows about working with search engines, but many of these so-called experts begin and end their expertise in the same place: keywords. Just relying on keyword optimization used to work but is this practice quickly […]

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