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IT marketing | April 24, 2017

Why Trust is Important in Building Client Relationships for IT Marketing

IT MarketingAs a managed service provider, the best thing that you can do is to gain the trust of your clients. When you can build trust, you’re going to be much better in helping your customers grow and supporting their entire IT infrastructure. As an IT marketing professional, there’s nothing better than knowing that you’ve gained trust, that you can provide advice and have it be grounded in prior facts and experiences. As time goes by, this is exactly what you should be looking to build so you can mean much more to every client that you service. Read the rest here »

MSP Business | April 9, 2017

Is The “Cloud Security Readiness Gap” Affecting Your MSP Business?

MSP BusinessEvery MSP business is currently focusing on creating a culture of security, thanks to the widespread security awareness. All these debates about data security make sense. Furthermore, Gartner estimated the market value of Internet of Things (IoT) to be $20.8 billion by 2020. Advancements in the IT sector come with new opportunities and concerns for companies, as the demand to safeguard and securely manage their data increase tremendously. The most valuable practice for all MSPs is to employ strategies that will reduce the risk of cloud security gaps within their businesses. Read the rest here »

IT sales leads | April 8, 2017

You Need a Marketing After Party to Close More IT Sales Leads!

They Want It; Give It to Them

IT sales leads require a proactive approach which often shuns traditional marketing for something more “intangible,” but simultaneously easier to “sink your teeth in.”

Where do you think most Hollywood employment decisions happen, in some casting office or at a party in Beverly Hills? The way people are hired and fired in Hollywood has a lot more to do with who they hang out with at the after party than it does with any codified method of employment or acquisition. There’s an informal nature to it. Except, everybody knows that’s how things are done, so they go around smooching derrieres for a paycheck. This is part and parcel to the hypocritical duplicity of the American entertainment industry. Read the rest here »

How To Guard Against a Ransomware Attack

Every company on earth must now beware of a possible ransomware attack that can disrupt and potentially destroy their business. At one time, credit card theft was the biggest online scam, but now it’s ransomware, which involves cyber criminals hijacking and freezing websites until you pay them ransom. Here are key facts to understand about these risks and prevent attacks from ruining your business. Read the rest here »

MSP Business | April 6, 2017

Here Are a Few Tips to Getting Your MSP Business More Leads!

MSP BusinessGiving People the Tools to Choose for Themselves

An MSP business’ marketing strategy is all about getting customers to pre-qualify themselves— this takes a little bit of explanation. First, understand that technical solutions today practically sell themselves for reasons of competition and cost-savings. Cloud computing solutions cut out the costs of equipment purchase and maintenance, as well as the additional cost of upgrades and the upkeep on a backup system. Then there are the infrastructural time losses which come from testing systems in-house. Sometimes, you’ll have to switch systems for a few hours and there’s a delay during the changeover where productivity is statistically lost on a daily basis. All these costs are easily curtailed with cloud computing solutions, and so, naturally drive customers into a position where they’re on the lookout for cost-saving fixes. The key here is demonstrating that your company is the one requisite to the task, and to that end, there are a few things to keep in mind: Read the rest here »

msp marketing | April 5, 2017

Are You Rolling out the Red Carpet in Your MSP Marketing?

MSP Marketing
Your MSP marketing should include designing a nice, attractive office. It’s a subtle tool to let prospects know you take professionalism seriously while demonstrating creative vision. You can create a sense of “rolling out the red carpet” for your prospects during a sales presentation by displaying their logo on video monitors. Here are other symbolic gestures you can perform and why it’s important to treat potential clients with special attention:
Read the rest here »

IT Business, Uncategorized | April 4, 2017

IT Companies Offering Cheap Storage in Their Own Data Centers Are in for a Surprise!

IT CompaniesDo you work with one of the IT companies that achieved success by offering cheap on-site storage for clients? While this may have sounded like a great deal at the time, the time is coming where that seemingly unlimited amount of storage will need upgrades. This can trickle down to you in the form of increased costs, lack of data security, and a potential loss of your information. Here are some reasons why these companies may be in for a surprise and what you can do to protect your data: Read the rest here »

msp marketing | April 3, 2017

Should You Raise the Price on Your MSP Marketing Proposals?

msp marketingWhat factors go into determining your price when you put together an MSP marketing proposal? Most business owners use a combination of tactics to determine what rate they should offer. They’re usually based on how large their prospect’s budget is, the number of hours they’ll need to put into fulfilling the contract, and what they’ve determined their competition charges. However, many MSPs don’t take into consideration other factors that should go into their decision. This causes them to consistently price their services too low. Is it time for your MSP to raise prices on proposals? Here are three reasons why you should consider it: Read the rest here »

IT marketing | March 23, 2017

There Is Complicated Psychology Behind IT Marketing Keyword Searches!

IT MarketingUse of effective Internet marketing tools has been at the forefront of the business landscape in the current world. For one to succeed in pushing their brands, products, or services to a certain level of success, effective use of the “search engine” is essential. Most online users use search engines when looking for products or seeking general information. Use of the right keywords that match your content means that your site is optimized and can show results when people search for those keywords or phrases. This form of IT marketing, however, isn’t easy. Choosing the right keywords is an art, which consists of knowing what people are looking for so that you can produce the right content, at the right time, through the right avenues. Read the rest here »

msp marketing | March 22, 2017

MSPs Must Use Bait and Switch to Fully Benefit from Internet Marketing Leads!

MSP MarketingAs a managed service provider, you’re going to get all sorts of calls from potential clients. These could be calls that lead to lucrative service contracts, or they could be calls that will all be for nothing in the end. It’s a matter of doing all that you can, though, with each prospect that comes through the door or picks up the phone to reach out. The more you can use your MSP business’ marketing tactics to your advantage in these situations, the better off you’re going to be. Read the rest here »