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MSP Business | July 10, 2017

Have you looked at MSP Business Core Values like the Founding Fathers?

MSP businessRecently I had a chance to visit Philadelphia for the release of my upcoming book and had the opportunity to tour Independence Hall. It was inspiring to see the original location where the founding fathers signed the constitution. It just so happened that I was reading a book about implementing core values at the time. As the park ranger spoke about the events that lead to the signing of the Constitution, it dawned on me that this famous document was nothing more than the core values of the country; but how could this impact the operation of an MSP Business?

These core values didn’t just live on the page but instead resonated throughout the country and transformed the United States into one of the greatest countries in the world, with more freedom and economic opportunities than anywhere in the world. How could a bunch of words written, so long ago still have such a huge impact on the American people? Could an MSP Business learn a valuable lesson on how to implement their core values to have an impact like the constitution from the answer to that question? Read the rest here »

IT marketing | July 7, 2017

Five Benefits of IT Marketing Employing a Professional Blog Strategy

IT MarketingBe Useful

IT marketing can’t focus merely on advertisements which are pictorial or have some catchy slogan. The world has a digital edge overcoming shotgun advertising approaches defining older marketing campaigns. Read the rest here »

msp marketing | July 6, 2017

How to Remember Names and Why It’s Important for MSP Marketing

MSP Marketing

The average MSP may not know how important remembering names is in the marketing game. However, even if most MSPs knew, it would do much good since business people commonly tell themselves and others that they are, “bad with names”.
Does this mean that if you’re bad with names that you are doomed and the use of this powerful marketing tool is simply beyond your grasp? No, in this article we will discuss how important remembering names truly is and give some practical advice on how MSPs can improve their ability to remember names. Read the rest here »

IT marketing | June 26, 2017

Are You Using Intimidation in Your IT Marketing Like in the Fate of the Furious?

IT marketingMarketing War Dance

IT marketing has nuance. Like everything, the more you consider this field of outreach, the more complicated it becomes. A fractal is this way. It starts with one shape, but as you get closer, you realize the same shape endlessly repeats itself. The Mandelbrot Set is a perfect example of this. As you “zoom in” on the points of light silhouetting this rotund shape, you’ll find the same shape endlessly reflected, and there’s no end. Many think this fractal nature describes reality from the sub-molecular to the macro-molecular— that which is larger than a galaxy. If atoms really are like tiny solar systems, this logic holds up! But it’s all a digression from the main point and that is this: marketing similarly has many angles to it that continue to expand and repeat as you get deeper. Marketing is more than a good ad, a well-placed article, or available, visible content. There are also psychological factors which must be considered in order for your technology company to experience the greatest success. Read the rest here »

IT lead generation | June 22, 2017

IT Lead Generation: Education vs. Persuasion

IT lead generationCourting the Client

IT lead generation that secures new customers like a man looking to secure a lifelong mate is going to do better than MSPs who try to go after it like a frat boy on the prowl. Think about it critically: when you realize someone’s trying to persuade you toward their perspective, don’t you automatically throw up mental walls? You don’t want to be tricked into anything; you want to make an informed decision. You want to choose— you don’t want to have your thinking done for you. Read the rest here »

Effective Lead Generation for Managed Services Marketing

Manged Services MarketingMarketing and Lead Generation

All sales teams require leads to work and it is the job of your marketing team to deliver those contacts. Managed services marketing needs the sales funnel because you or a part of your workforce wears both marketing and sales hats. The sales people get burdened if they do not get enough leads to follow up while the marketing team feels less valued if the sales people do not follow the leads they have generated. By aligning both efforts, your business will be able to close more leads and decide what works and what does not when nurturing the leads you give to sales. Read the rest here »

MSP Business | June 1, 2017

What Are 5 Things an MSP Business Can Do to Improve the Value of an M&A Deal?

MSP businessFacilitating More Streamlined Mergers and Acquisitions

Your MSP business is going to have many different phases. It’s going to have rich ones and poor ones. Some phases will last longer than others. But your goal should always be upward growth, profitable expansion, and continued sustainability. Retaining continuously sustaining operations requires multiple strategies. Sometimes, you’re going to have to acquire other companies to help expand your business offerings. Sometimes, you’re going to need to be involved in a merger— this could predicate selling your business. In order to sell, to buy, or to merge— actions which are traditionally abbreviated in the term “M&A”— there are several best practices worth observing; five of which are characterized below. Read the rest here »

MSP Business | May 31, 2017

Your MSP Business Should Focus on Streamlining Sales Technique

MSP BusinessThe Primary Thrust of Marketing Expenses

MSP business expenses pertaining to marketing will be mostly centered on salespeople. Every year, through incentives, hiring packages, wages, and other means of cost, US companies end up spending about $800 billion annually on salespeople. Since this represents your primary marketing thrust, financially, it would make sense to streamline that investment. In order to, you’re going to need to look into available case-studies on salespeople; there are interesting things that have been discovered. Read the rest here »

How Can You Determine the Value of Your IT Services Marketing Campaigns?

IT Services MarketingOne of the hardest things for any business owner is to measure the success of any particular marketing campaign. Whether it is an old-school print marketing campaign in a newspaper or series of magazines of a full-on internet marketing campaign, how do you know of the actual return that you are getting? Ask any IT services marketing professional and they will tell you that it can be difficult to measure, but it is not impossible.

You always want to try and measure the contribution of any marketing campaign that your company has embarked on. You want to be able to tie revenues and associated profits to the marketing that you are doing day in and day out. How do you know what the return on your investment (ROI) is when it comes to any particular campaign? Let us take a closer look: Read the rest here »

MSP Business | May 30, 2017

Managing Your MSP Business: What is a Human Resource Strategy?

MSP BusinessThe thought of implementing an HR strategy seems daunting for your MSP business. It often looks to be an over complication of a rather simple thing. Your employees come in, they do their work, and business carries on. Human resources are not needed for this simple process. However, things often don’t work that way. When you have staff, you need to remember that human nature is a powerful thing. It makes even the simplest things complicated, and you need to deal with it effectively. Read the rest here »