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MSP Business | July 24, 2017

Making a Sacrifice works in Chess and in the MSP Business Arena!

MSP BusinessThe other day I won four online chess matches in a row by sacrificing a key piece in each game. While I was gloating over my victories it dawned on me why making a sacrifice is so important with chess and in the MSP business world.
In both chess and business, you have essentially the same set of pieces and the same amount of time. The competition is all about how wisely each player utilizes their brain power and the time they have been allotted.

How can making a sacrifice apply in the business world and what type of sacrifice is needed for success? Read the rest here »

msp marketing | July 21, 2017

Does Your MSP Marketing Team Need a Magic Feather?

MSP MarketingIn Disney’s classic movie Dumbo a reluctant elephant is urged to attempt flight by an entrepreneurial mouse. He is assisted by some shrewd black crows that hatch a ‘psychology’ maneuver that will give Dumbo the belief and motivation necessary to fly. A feather is pulled from the tale of a crow and became the ‘magic feather’ that helped Dumbo Fly!

In the MSP marketing game, it’s common to find salespeople still using ‘magic feathers’ as a crutch to give themselves the courage to close deals. What are some of these psychological training wheels and should MSP sales people continue to use them?

Watch magic feature clip here –> Read the rest here »

MSP Business | July 20, 2017

Emotional Brand Storytelling: The Powerful Tool for MSP Business Success

MSP BusinessThe science of storytelling can help your MSP business put together compelling content that appeals to your audience’s emotions and senses. Good storytelling makes your readers feel something, whether it’s empathy, excitement, or anger— it forms a bond that creates a connection. This bond with your audience generates trust and authority for your business. Read the rest here »

msp marketing | July 19, 2017

You Have an Inner MSP Marketing Superhero Waiting to be Released!

MSP MarketingIn the comic book about Captain Marvel, who was later renamed Shazam, an orphan boy named Billy Batson encounters a wizard that gives him superpowers. The boy simply needs to speak the magic word Shazam and he is transformed into an adult superhero. This comic story can be viewed as a good metaphor to describe the hidden power I believe lies dormant in every MSP business owner. Why do I believe these superpowers are for real and how can IT providers transform into their alter egos? Do they just need to say a magic word or phrase like Captain Marvel or is there more involved? Read the rest here »

MSP Sales | July 18, 2017

Do You Have a Powerful MSP Sales Presentation Like Jared Vennett?

MSP SalesIf you haven’t seen, “The Big Short” then you missed Ryan Gosling amazing portrayal of Jared Vennett. Jared shorted the housing market just before ‘The Great Recession’ and profited with Billions. In one electrifying scene Jared delivers a sales pitch for the newly created credit default swaps and hits the ball out of the park! It was so memorable that I believe MSPs could benefit for watching the clip and analyzing his sales technique. What new MSP sales trick can Jared teach IT providers that would enhance their presentations?

You can watch the video clip here: Read the rest here »

msp marketing | July 14, 2017

Are you All-in with MSP Marketing like Dr. Burry of ‘The Big Short’?

MSP marketingDr. Burry was the primary visionary who predicted the Great Recession, shorted the housing market and earned millions in the process. However, he didn’t experience a straight line for the inception of his idea to success. Quite the opposite, he was faced with disbelief from all sides, all the time and throughout his entire quest. What MSP marketing lesson can we learn from Dr. Burry’s journey through the trials and tribulation of Wall Street to receiving untold riches?

Watch the clip here! Read the rest here »

MSP Marketing Must Be Seen as an Article Writing Arms Race!

MSP MarketingDon’t Just Win the Battle, Win the War

MSP marketing is a kind of war. It’s definitely a contest between other marketing agencies, but to a lesser extent, you’re also striving against customer objections. You want to anticipate your opponent and know them. You must know both your competition and the clients you’re catering to. In a very real sense, you’ve got to look at it kind of like a battle, or at the very least, an arms race. It’s the cold war and you’re looking to acquire marketing nukes such that your competition can’t blow your MSP out of the waters. Read the rest here »

IT marketing | July 13, 2017

The Effectiveness of IT Marketing is Vetted by Research

IT MarketingConsiderable Statistics

IT content marketing has moved beyond the theoretical and is now statistically vetted as an effective marketing tool. In a recent survey conducted among B2B marketers, a resounding 97% reported success with content marketing. Those numbers break down like this: approximately 3% of marketers found content marketing to be extremely successful. Around 19% found it to be very successful, 53% found it moderately successful, 22% said it was minimally successful, and 3% found no success whatsoever. Read the rest here »

msp marketing | July 12, 2017

MSP Marketing Should Use Human Psychology to Its Advantage

MSP marketingThe Science Behind Storytelling

MSP marketing that takes into account basic underlying precepts of human thinking stands to be more successful. Psychologically, the human mind is engineered to understand stories differently than it is to understand facts portrayed directly. When it comes to communication, telling stories is one of the most effective strategies an organization can take. But in order to tell a good story, you first must understand what makes a good story— what the underlying elements characterizing effective narrative communication are. Essentially, these elements include: Read the rest here »

MSP Business | July 11, 2017

You must look at your MSP Business with the End in Mind!

MSP BusinessWhen you start your MSP Business many of the challenges you will face can be viewed with a short-term perspective. This means that IT companies literally need to generate enough business to support themselves. The problem with this situation is things that work in the short term to bring sales work against when you attempt to exit the business. What issues are we talking about: how do you keep your books, do you show a profit or loss, do you offer short or long-term contracts and lastly do you take any business you can get or are you picky and select customers with long term viability in desirable industries? Read the rest here »