Complete the IT Marketing Circuit with Content Lead Nurturing

IT marketingIT marketing is a described in many different ways. Some people think of it as a tunnel while others think of it as a pipeline. However, no matter what way you choose to describe it, the desired outcome is the same. You are after clients and sales revenue. Marketing involves the entire processes; from the start with lead generation, but it doesn’t stop there. Successful marketing plans know how to nurture leads to create a sale quicker and with greater revenue.

How Content Can Impact a Lead

Sharing information is an interesting way for your marketing team to interact with potential customers. It is a low-pressure interaction, which provides your prospects more details about why they need your services. The right content helps the potential client stay engaged and focused on your MSP business, and content is received better than just overt advertising. These feelings are helpful when trying to turn a mid-process lead into a sale.

Choosing Your Content

When looking to add content to your marketing strategy, the first step is to figure out your content. What are you trying to share with your leads? Here are some critical components to think of when choosing content for your IT marketing:

  • Relevant – The information you are sharing needs to be relevant to their needs. Tailoring the content to the type of managed services that you provide gives you better results. If your company focuses on IT security, your content should be focused on issues and solutions around that service.
  • New and original – Fresh information is key in keeping people engaged. Your prospects need to see that you are on top of your industry, and new information is critical to boosting a response.
  • Call to action – All of your content should finish with a call to action that is related to the topic. Without it, your prospects could easily miss the point of the marketing material. If your content fits with your business well, the call to action should fit naturally into the conclusion.

Choosing the Right Delivery Method

You can package up content in several different ways. Depending on the type of content and your target audience, some methods work better than others. White papers, interviews, and quick updates are all different options that could work well for your marketing:

  • White papers – White papers are very focused on details. When you have a great deal of specific information and a very technical topic, white papers are great. For the right audience, it provides great value. However, a white paper is very demanding on your prospect, as it takes a long time to read and understand.
  • Interviews – Conversations are seen as more informal. The technology to send videos and podcasts make interviews a more common method of content sharing. These interviews with important industry leaders provide new insights to your prospects. Keep it short and to the point to keep your audience engaged throughout.
  • Quick updates – For your very short attention span audiences, a quick briefing or update on what is going on in the MSP industry is all you need. Just a short piece on something new and relevant to your prospective client is all that is needed. Your goal is to come to the front of their mind long enough for them to seek out more information.


A lead can take months to become a sale, and that delay keeps revenue away from your business. By engaging and informing your prospects, you keep the IT marketing process moving faster. Content provides your clients with the information that they need to make their decisions while focusing on the services and products that your MSP company can give to them.

Nandan Arora

Nandan Arora, is the Chief Technology Officer at idealstor, providing Disaster Recovery, Security, Backup and Business Continuity Services worldwide. Nandan, was the Founder of Nezzen Systems prior to joining Idealstor, and he is an IT veteran for over 25 years. Nandan designed the first Removable Disk to Disk backup system in 2002, which is used by thousands of companies worldwide. It is still the backup solution of choice for a large number of companies.
Prior to joining Idealstor, Nandan designed Business Continuity and Cloud Backup Solutions for companies of all sizes and across all markets.
Nandan holds IT certifications from multiple major vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix and Novell. And he continues his quest to secure data – he has recently launched idealstor’s Disaster Recovery as a Service solution, he has consistently responded to pain points felt as far as security and storage of data is concerned- whether it is time taken to recover data, ease of recovering data, loss of data to business, securing networks, regulatory demands for storage backup and data storage.