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Managed Services Must Test Backup for Marketing Success!

IT Marketing

Why Test? Before a managed services provider can have marketing success they should have an actionable backup and data recovery solution. Before they provide that solution to clients, they’ve got to test it. A backup and data recovery plan is basically a digital parachute in the event your data aircraft is shot down by hackers. […]

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IT marketing | April 24, 2017

Why Trust is Important in Building Client Relationships for IT Marketing

IT Marketing

As a managed service provider, the best thing that you can do is to gain the trust of your clients. When you can build trust, you’re going to be much better in helping your customers grow and supporting their entire IT infrastructure. As an IT marketing professional, there’s nothing better than knowing that you’ve gained […]

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MSP Business | April 9, 2017

Is The “Cloud Security Readiness Gap” Affecting Your MSP Business?

MSP Business

Every MSP business is currently focusing on creating a culture of security, thanks to the widespread security awareness. All these debates about data security make sense. Furthermore, Gartner estimated the market value of Internet of Things (IoT) to be $20.8 billion by 2020. Advancements in the IT sector come with new opportunities and concerns for […]

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IT sales leads | April 8, 2017

You Need a Marketing After Party to Close More IT Sales Leads!

They Want It; Give It to Them IT sales leads require a proactive approach which often shuns traditional marketing for something more “intangible,” but simultaneously easier to “sink your teeth in.” Where do you think most Hollywood employment decisions happen, in some casting office or at a party in Beverly Hills? The way people are […]

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How To Guard Against a Ransomware Attack

Every company on earth must now beware of a possible ransomware attack that can disrupt and potentially destroy their business. At one time, credit card theft was the biggest online scam, but now it’s ransomware, which involves cyber criminals hijacking and freezing websites until you pay them ransom. Here are key facts to understand about […]

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IT Marketing | Feb 1, 2016

Go With an IT Marketing Company That Can Provide a 'Safe Harbor'


IT appointment setting firms that utilize a cold calling strategy can't truly provide a stable source of leads qualified leads. Instead, consider using our Ultimate Marketing IT Services system which relies on rock solid fundamental principles like the golden rule and the laws of reciprocity for our IT services marketing process.

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